Musical Director

Dave Carlisle, Director

Dave Carlisle is a third-generation barbershopper who has sung with the Ambassadors of Harmony Chorus since 1994. He has held many leadership roles with the Ambassadors, and is the current Baritone section leader. Dave was the front-line Director of the Boonslick Chordbusters from 2013-2015. During his years as a barbershopper he has also been an assistant director, board member, script writer, choreographer, and coach. 

Dave's leadership philosophy is to find joy and fun through artistic singing and meaningful performances, and to empower all members to contribute to the chorus's goals and vision. He believes in the power of song to heal and unite, and supports creating as many opportunities as possible to introduce people to the unique joys of barbershop. He became the front-line Director of the River Blenders in September of 2022. 

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