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Want to Support the River Blenders Chorus?

Here's a list of what we need!

Consider making a donation in honor of a past or present chorus member!

Adopt-A-Singer - Supporters can "adopt" a new chorus member by covering the cost of their first year's expenses, including costumes and competition meals. This helps remove financial barriers for new singers.  

  • Competition expenses, costume expenses, competition travel expenses, etc. $200 - $500

Harmony Heros - Supporters can donate towards the creation of custom learning tracks for the chorus. These personalized audio files are invaluable for helping new members learn their parts.  

  • “Custom” Learning Tracks: $300 - $500
  • “Pre-Published” Learning Tracks: $100 - $200

Chorus Champs - Supporters can sponsor the chorus's competition expenses, ensuring the group is well-fed and prepared to deliver their best performance.

  • Unity Breakfast/Chorus Dinner: $500 - $1,000
Note-Worthy Neighbors - Supporters in the local community can "adopt" a piece of sheet music, covering the cost to keep the chorus's music library up-to-date and ready for learning.
  • Sheet music for chorus (3 x year) $200/each song: $600

Pitch Perfect Patrons - Supporters can make a general donation towards the chorus's operational expenses, providing flexible funding to address the group's most pressing needs.

  • $50 - $500

By donating to the River Blenders Chorus, a non-profit organization, you are helping women of all ages participate in an organization that promotes unity, harmony, development of talent, and enjoyment for both singers and the general public through rehearsals, competitions and performances. 

Donations in any amount is greatly appreciated and will help the Blenders cover music education, general operating budget, coaching and our youth programs such as "Sing For Scholarships" and "Shop For The Ring."

We thank you for your support!

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