River Blenders Chorus Quartets

River Blenders Chorus is proud to have the following quartets associated with our chorus.  We endorse all of them as excellent singers and entertainers, suitable for any occasion.  Contact one today for your next event!

Another Round

Another Round
Tenor: Abby Gatzke

Lead: Jen Heffern

Baritone:Stephanie Brennan

Bass: Kim Webster


 Another Round quartet formed officially in 2017 and is made up of River Blenders Chorus singers. Each member has various amounts of experience singing from the chorus risers - ranging from three years to over 20 (Abby's first chorus picture is in a baby carrier on the risers with her mom!) but we chose each other to launch our first quartet journey. We are excited to refine and master our competition songs for regional contest, and are adding to our repertoire for future performances for friends, family and any potential fans who enjoy listening to the joy of barbershop and a cappella singing!


Contact:  stephanie.r.judd@gmail.com

General public contact: Stephanie Brennan
Area of operation: St. Louis
State: MO

Deja Blue

Deja Blue
Tenor: Kathy Schuth - River Blenders Chorus

Lead:  Connie Christiansen - River Blenders Chorus

Baritone:  Lisa Woolridge - CAL - Region 5

Bass: Jackie Kreigh - CAL - Region 5

Our quartet is split between the St. Louis area and Columbia MO, so we are willing to perform in either area.

Contact: singinkathy2@gmail.com
General public contact: Kathy Schuth
Area of operation: St. Louis
State: MO

Hooked on Tonics

Hooked on Tonics

Tenor:  Holly McKee - Chapter - At - Large - Region 5

Lead:  Bonnie Burke - River Blenders Chorus
Baritone:  Ann Keller - River Blenders Chorus

Bass:  Jean Diekemper - River Blenders Chorus

Hooked On Tonics (HOT
) is a new quartet with over nine decades of barbershop experience!  While that may make us sound old, we prefer to say that we are seasoned veterans to the stage.  If you’re looking for some great entertainment, let us know!   We are truly hooked on tonics….singing….fun….and great harmony!  In fact, we have a tendency to put the “Harm” in Harmony!   We are all proud members of the River Blenders Chorus, which makes us Hooked on the River Blenders as well! 

Contact:  jmdbass@prodigy.net
General public contact: Jean Diekemper
State: MO



Tenor: Alexandria Stewart - CAL Region 5

Lead: Lisa Spomer - River Blenders Chorus


Bass: Jen Graham - River Blenders Chorus


 Notoriety quartet was formed in the summer of 2017 and is made up of three River Blenders and one Chapter-at-Large Region 5. Our experiences in singing are very different from each other and that dynamic is what makes us so fresh and unique (along with a mother/daughter duo). We are excited for our first Regional competition in 2018. Notoriety looks forward to expanding our repertoire and performing for various audiences for years to come!


 Contact: kimstewart108@yahoo.com

General public contact: Kim Stewart
Area of operation: St. Louis
State: MO


Tenor: Susan Pingel - River Blenders Chorus

Lead: Dennery Martinez - River Blenders Chorus

Baritone: Janelle Aberle - Metro Mix Chorus

Bass:  Jaime Opfer - River Blenders Chorus

Spark quartet was formed in June 2018 and has been having a blast ever since! Three of our members sing with the River Blenders Chorus and our 4th sings with MetroMix Chorus in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. All four members have years of quartet experience and are past regional medalists. Three of our members sang with Region 5's 2010 & 2012 Champion Quartet, Voice 4 Voice. Even though we are a semi-long distance quartet, we still find multiple times a month to get together, sing and have fun! We have a variety of songs in our repertoire and are available for any event or show! 

Contact:  Janelle Aberle::  aberlemj@gmail.com

General public contact: Janelle Aberle
Area of operation: St. Louis,and Iowa City
State: Missouri and Iowa

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